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Past Meetings
FFL Steering Committee
The forum forestier lémanique (FFL) is an informal forum for the exchange of ideas between those interested in forest sector issues located in the area of the Lac Léman. Meetings of the forum are open to everyone contributing to sustainable forest management in the Lake Geneva Region in France and Switzerland. It includes practicing foresters, public and private, and forest sector specialists in international organisations located in the region.

The FFL meets periodically to discuss a topic chosen by the members, and for field visits.  In February 2014, it formally became a registered association, seated in the canton of Valais. Its activities are guided by a Steering Group.

The latest meeting of the FFL was held on 6 June 2019 in Gland, Switzerland. The theme was:

Les réserves forestières : pourquoi, comment et avec qui ?

Forest reserves: why, how and with whom?

For further information, or if you have a suggestion, contact or one of the Steering Group members.


In 2002 an enquiry was carried out on the role of the FFL, which gives considerable information on the role and methods of FFL and the expectation of its members.

last updated on April 8, 2019